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Donald Glover announces tour, previews music from upcoming Childish Gambino albums

Donald Glover recently revealed that he has two new Childish Gambino albums on the way, and will release the soundtrack to his film, ‘Bando Storm and the New World’ – marking his final albums released under that name. The 40-year-old has also previewed new music during a stream on Instagram Live, including a collaboration with Ye – the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

Glover teased, per Uproxx: “We’re releasing Atavista, but after that, there’s the final Childish Gambino album, a soundtrack for the fans.” Before Glover hosted the GILGA Radio stream on Instagram, Glover stated that the first album will be a finished version of his surprise release “3.15.20,” which dropped in March 2020 under the original title “Atavista” along with a vinyl release.  He then said that he will follow that release with the last installment of the Gambino project, which will serve as the soundtrack to Bando Storm and the New World. Glover shared: “the project I put out, ‘3.15.20’ that no one’s ever heard of, people didn’t even know I put it out, it was originally titled ‘Atavista,’ it was supposed to be ‘Atavista.’ But we put it out quickly, I didn’t master or mix it, I just kind of put it out. I was going through a lot, n—s thought everybody was going to die because it was the pandemic. We put it out, we finished it, it’s ‘Atavista,’ we’re putting that out. But then after that, there’s a Childish Gambino album, the final Childish Gambino album.”

Glover also announced the upcoming tour, Childish Gambino’s New World Tour, on GILGA Radio. The arena tour is expected to kick off this summer, with dates forthcoming. Sign up at for details.

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